Tink Driver wanted to give back to the community by restoring Old Stone Fort Golf Course to its former beauty and offering a recreational opportunity to the area. The course was dormant from 2011 to 2016 and it took some time to get it back to its full former beauty. The owners and employees at Old Stone Fort Golf Course worked hard and are excited to offer a family oriented place to be enjoyed by the public at competitive prices.  Old Stone Fort Golf Course officially opened in April 2017.


Manchester Country Club was originally opened in the 1960's. The state purchased the land and ran it as a public course. The course was then closed by the state in September 2011. Tink Driver purchased the 140 acres in 2016. The land was originally owned by Pete Jackson and Judy Driver's family and has now come full circle.


Old Stone Fort Golf Course is a great place for golfers of all abilities to enjoy a round of golf. It is one of the most scenic courses in the state of Tennessee with beaver, otter, deer, turtles and many kinds of birds along the Duck River. You will enjoy playing on a golf course that was occupied by the Indians for 300 years. You can still see an Indian mound between hole #1 and #9. This area may also have been visited by Desoto’s Lost Band in the 1500’s and was occupied by the Confederate forces in the winter of 1863.


We look forward to seeing you!